Monday, 5 December 2011

What I want for Christmas! make up.

Okay so I have a huge list of make up I want for Christmas. But I thought I would do them by store at a time and so the first one is Sephora, which I want a lot from but yeah. I thought if you maybe know someone who likes make up or who doesn't have a lot of make but wants more this could be a help...maybe.

So I'm going to try to go in alphabetical order

 So from Benefit I want:

Dandelion Blush

And this one is $28 which is a lot.

The other product that I want from Benefit is:

 Hoola Bronzer
And again this is $28 dollars...

So the next brand is Kat Von D, which is a company I do not own anything from yet.

I just want one of the True Romance Palettes, I couldn't decide which one because I honestly like them all. They are

So some of them are $34 and then the $24 dollars which is a good price!

 And then from Laura Mercier I want the Illuminizer but I can't seem to find it anywhere right now.

I'm going to leave you guys with this for today. If I brake up the list maybe you guys won't notice how giant it is and how greedy I am... joking, kind of.

That's all for now kids!

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